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Chautauqua Lake Twin Tier Chapter, ACBS Inc.
2010 Annual Meeting
October 1, 2010 - Lakewood Yacht Club

  • Chapter President Reynolds called the annual meeting to order at 7:30PM. All directors present, along with 40+ members.
  • Bill welcomed all members, and thanked all for making the year, as well as our 13th annual boat show a success. As of today, our chapter has 70 members.
  • Bill introduced the several new CLTT chapter members.
  • Andy Robinson, Treasurer, reported a treasury balance of $9,132.78. Anyone wanting a detailed report of our financial status, please email or call Andy.

  • Bill presented two new classes of membership:
    1. Youth: (through age 17), $10.00/year, approved upon motion by A.Robinson, 2nd by T.Hopfinger, passed without exception.
    2. Honorary Lifetime: approved upon motion by B.Reynolds, 2nd by B.Baldwin, passed without exception.
  • Bill presented David S. Lawson, Jr., with the first Honorary Lifetime member award. Chapter, as well as ACBS dues will be paid annually
    for all Honorary Lifetime members.
Retiring Director Awards:
  • Bill presented Jim Blanchard and Kelley O'Neill with Appreciation Awards for their service as Founding Directors. Bill also thanked Lynn and Terri for their work and support of the Chapter during the time their husbands served on the board.
2011 Officers and Directors:
  • Dave Wesp, Nominating Committee representative, presented the following slate of officers and directors for 2011:
President: Bill Reynolds
Vice President: Dave Wesp
Treasurer: Andy Robinson
Secretary: Bill Locke
New Directors: Craig Butler, Kenny Guest
Continuing Directors: Bill Baldwin, Dick DeFazio, Tony Hopfinger

  • The slate was unanimously accepted upon motion by B.Baldwin, 2nd by S.Vincent & R.Bush.
Upcoming events:
  • Christmas parade in early December; Annual Snowflake Gala dinner (date to be announced).
  • Door prizes were awarded to 6 members.
  • Bill thanked Charles Pringle and Leslie Smith for inviting the Chapter to The Lakewood Yacht Club for the 2010 annual meeting.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.