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Chautauqua Lake Twin Tier Chapter, ACBS Inc.
2009 Annual Meeting
October 10, 2009 - Johnson Family Boatshop, Cheney Road, Chautauqua Lake, NY

  • President Reynolds called the 2009 Annual Meeting to order at 12:40 pm. Bill thanked Patty Johnson and her family for hosting the club and providing a very nice cake, complete with a color photo of their 1940 19' Barrelback Runabout.
  • 20 members and guests were in attendance, and 10 proxy votes were registered. Bill introduced our newest member, Dave Williams, Jr., and recognized Jim Cooper as a guest. Jack McCready was also acknowledged, although not present.
  • The 2008 Annual Meeting minutes were approved upon motion by Dave Wesp and second by Andy Robinson.
  • There were no officer reports.
  • The current treasury balance is $5,325.00. Bill R. summarized the results of our 12th Annual Boat Show: Income: $6,100 approximate; Expenses: $5450 approximate; Profit: $750.00.
  • The chapter membership at year-end was 49.
  • Bill Locke noted Dick DeFazio was recently elected to the board of the Chris Craft Antique & Classic Boat Club. Both Dick and Bill Baldwin serve on this board, with Bill being Managing Editor of their quarterly publication: The Brass Bell.
  • Dick commented on the need for someone to take over the responsibility of updating our CLTT Chapter Membership Directory. Dave Williams Jr. volunteered for this position. The club thanks Dick for preparing the 2009 Directory, and having his office print several copies for distribution.
  • Also on the topic of membership, Tony Hopfinger suggested that now might be the best time to contact our boat show participants that are not CLTT members, by sending them a letter of invitation to join (along with an ACBS membership brochure). Bill Locke will follow-up on this in the near future. Letters will be sent.

  • Bill R. complimented Andy Robinson & Dave Wesp, as co-chairs of our Fall Poker Run & Lake Cruise. 10 boats and over 25 people attended. Anne Morris won the top prize with 2 pair. The weather was perfect, and everyone enjoyed lunch & post-cruise cocktails at the Village Casino. The membership encouraged this event should to be on the 2010 schedule.
  • Bill R. highlighted the recent Niagara Frontier Chapter's Buffalo Launch Club Show. We had over 30 CLTT members & guests at the show. A chapter photo will be posted on our web site. Congratulations to Dave Williams & Dave Williams Jr. for their 2nd place class award with their 1939 19' Barrelstern Runabout.
  • Dave Wesp reported on the Muskoka ACBS International Boat Show & Annual Meeting. The meeting minutes will be posted on the National web site in the near future. There were over 100 boats participating.
  • Bill R. reported on the New York Chapter's meeting, as organized by Dick Sherwood. Due to the time and location we did not have anyone represent CLTT, however, Bill R. will contact Dick as a follow-up.
  • Bill R. reported the 501(c)(3) option for Chapters under the National ACBS "umbrella" is with the IRS for review. No further information is available at this time.

  • Bill R. reported that Ralph Bush suggested the chapter might consider placing part of our treasury balance in a higher interest Certificate of Deposit. The board will review this suggestion.
  • Dick DeFazio motioned that permanent magnetic name badges be made for all CLTT members and spouses.
    Andy seconded the motion. Bill R. & Bill L. will prepare a listing and email to Dick.
  • The membership agreed that our chapter should hold a Winter Snowflake Party, in January or February. Dick & Karen DeFazio and Tony & Diana Hopfinger will co-chair.
  • A Spring Warm-Up Event & Membership Drive will be planed for late April / early May. Jim Blanchard offered his lakefront home for the function. Bill R. will follow-up on the planning.
  • Dick DeFazio suggested our chapter might consider having a Membership Committee to encourage new members and follow-up after events. Anyone wanting to assist in this area please contact Bill R.
  • The Tall Ships are scheduled to appear in Erie sometime during the Summer of 2010. Bill L. will follow-up on this event with information to follow.
  • Our 2010 13th Annual CLTT Boat Show will be chaired by Tony Hopfinger. Anyone that would like to serve as co-chair on the event with Tony contact Bill R.
  • Dick DeFazio suggested our chapter by-laws & constitution should be reviewed for compliance (after 3 years of operation). Bill L. suggested Bill Baldwin for this review, and will contact Bill via email. Bill R. commented that he felt our chapter was in compliance in all areas, but welcomed the review.
  • Dave Wesp spoke with Bryan Dahlberg (Bemus Point Mayor) regarding our 2010 show, and will confirm our needs for the Village Park, tent, in the coming months.
  • Bill R. & Tony presented the Village of Bemus Point with a framed 2009 12th Annual Boat Show Poster at their recent Village meeting.

  • Bill R. (representing the CLTT Nomination Committee of Reynolds, Robinson, O'Neill & Locke) presented the following slate of officers for 2010:
President: Bill Reynolds
Vice President: Tony Hopfinger
Treasurer: Andy Robinson Secretary: Bill Locke
Continuing as Directors: Blanchard, Baldwin, DeFazio, Wesp, and O'Neill

  • The slate was approved by unanimous vote, upon motion by Phil Andrews and second by Dave Wesp.

  • Bill Reynolds presented the 2009 CLTT President's Award to Chuck Pringle, for his dedicated support of our Chapter activities, our annual Boat Show, and editor of our Chapter Web Site. All attending offered their congratulations and thanks to Chuck!
  • The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.