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Member chapter of The Antique and Classic Boat Society.

We are a group who…
  • have an interest in antique and classic boats,
  • are challenged by the nature of owning a vintage boat,
  • enjoy learning through sharing ideas and experiences.
Some of us…
  • enjoy competing in judged boat shows,
  • enjoy rebuilding and servicing vintage boats,
  • enjoy buying and selling vintage boats,
  • enjoy showing-off our boat.

But we're really just a group who enjoy being antique or classic boat owners.

2014 Annual Winter Gala
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PROFILES - Bill Baldwin
David S. Lawson
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David S. (“Dave”) Lawson, Jr. is arguably the perfect Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club Member Profile. Chris-Craft — the historic Chris-Craft Corporation of wooden boat renown — has been a major factor in Dave’s life from his earliest childhood. Today, as President and General Manager of L-S Aero Marine, boat and motor dealership and boatyard in Bemus Point and Jamestown, New York, he continues to maintain that close relationship, restoring and caring for the boats he knew from his earliest days. In this “Profile,” Dave shares some of his first-hand knowledge about all things Chris-Craft. Dave’s father, David S. Lawson, Sr.— from 1918 to 1971, a boat builder and boat- yard owner on Chautauqua Lake in Western New York—was a Chris-Craft dealer from the mid-Twenties. In 1923, he purchased the first of his 20- and 24-foot Chris Smith & Sons boats directly from Christopher Columbus Smith — less than a year after Smith began building production boats.
PROFILES - Bill Baldwin
Phil Andrews
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Architect Jon Philip ("Phil") Andrews is the kind of guy every boat show chairman dreams about when trolling for exhibitors. Not only does Phil bring a boat that people fall into the water admiring, but he stays with his boat throughout the show. Taking time to patiently answer questions from any, and all who approach. Owners of the top-flight, über-boats rarely have that kind of patience, but then, when you get right down to basics, everybody knows Phil Andrews is simply a nice guy.